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Are you ready for the ‘after COVID-19’ era?

The current crisis makes one thing clear. A customer-centric organisation with agile, transparent and up to date business processes, modern and integrated technology, a highly involved team and - of course - some luck is mandatory to survive.

Unfortunately, many organisations are not there yet, today. So it is generally expected that they will start transforming both their organisations and their technology as soon as this crisis is over.

But as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, how are you going to help your current and future customers in this ‘After COVID-19’ era? Most of you are great in adapting your software solutions to how your customer works. But now they are going to ask you to work the other way around ...

Are you ready for that?

The ‘AC’ market demand will for sure impact your business strategy. It will touch on the way you do your marketing and sales. Your product development. Your delivery and support. And even on the mindset and DNA of your organisation.

Interesting question: Do you think you can help transform your customers if you haven’t transformed yourself first?


Guus Krabbenborg


09 May 2020

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