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Spice up
your events

Guus as a keynote speaker at your next customer event?

Attractive speaker services to make your next event your best ever

Sit down
Shut up
And listen

Let's be honest

Most partner events and annual customer days are pretty boring, right? The agenda often delivers a tsunami of functions and features. Often an attractive theme is missing. The content is delivered based on a ‘one size fits all’ approach. And the over-all event concept is ‘Sit down – Shut up – and Listen’.

So what do you want to achieve with your next event?

Another predictable edition with average satisfaction scores? Or a refreshing, attractive event with active audience engagement? Think about provocative statements with public voting. Followed by a discussion on stage with an expert panel. Or a quick self-assessment for achieving a successful digital transformation project.

Stay or go?

In the coming years, most of your existing on-premise customers will make up their minds about the next steps in their IT strategies!

Do they understand the trends in the industry and the moves that Microsoft is making? Will they prepare their own move to the cloud?
If so 
Will they follow the Microsoft strategy towards Dynamics 365?

And again, if so
Will they stay loyal to you or consider switching to another D365 partner?

Why you should engage and inspire

Never before in your company’s history it was more important to engage with your customers. To inform them. To challenge them. To inspire them. To win their confidence. And to show them the way to a bright future based on your D365 solutions.

Over the past few years, many Microsoft partners all over Europe have invited me to inspire their customers at their annual customer event. And the good news: all of them are still (very) happy with that decision!

So how can I help you and your team to spice the agenda of your next event?

Delivering inspiring presentations

I can deliver the three presentations below both inhouse and in an online format.
And in three different languages, being English, German and Dutch.

This is how you master the transformation part of Digital Transformation

Today's implementations are not just about new software, but above all about a transformation of the entire customer organization towards (more) customer focus, better processes and a new corporate culture.

So both the success and failure of their digital transformation project are therefore hidden in the second word.

In this inspiring presentation I explain how your customers can turn this transformation into a success.

An overview of the 10 biggest ERP failures ever

so you don't have to make these mistakes again

ERP implementations have a long history of failure projects. It is remarkable that these failures are more often about the organization and the behavior of the employees than about the technical aspects of the software.

In this compelling presentation I give your audience an overview of 10 of the largest and most striking failure projects. With a strong focus on the educational aspects.

After all, there's no point in making these mistakes again, right?

This is why you as a Dynamics NAV user need to take action NOW!

Like the entire IT industry, Microsoft has also taken the definitive step towards cloud solutions. This means that all its focus, energy and R&D budgets are devoted to the Dynamics 365 cloud solutions. Question is what this means for your users of Dynamics NAV.

In this presentation I give a clear message about what Dynamics NAV customers can expect in the near future in terms of declining innovation, support and available knowledge. And why they need to act now!

Based on my international appearances and my credibility in the Microsoft ERP world, I can very well play the 'bad cop' role for you.

Other possible roles

I can also help you making your event a great one in additional roles, like:

Event moderator

The role of event moderator or chairman with humor, audience engagement and Dutch flair.

Leading an audience survey

Leading an audience survey combined with a vivid panel discussion - a great format to create engagement!

Wise advisor

Helping you in the preparation phase of your event as a wise advisor.

Why Guus Krabbenborg?

For long years, my presentations are (more than) well received by both partners and end-users in many events in multiple countries and cultures.

These presentations are consequently perceived as energetic, creative, inspiring and yes, also a bit provocative. But fortunately - always with a wink …

What do other partners say about me?

This is what your colleague partners say about my contribution to their recent events:

Practical and provocative

“Thank you for processing the digital transformation topic for our customers in a bite-sized manner, Guus. Our joint webinar 'The top 3 success factors for digital transformation - and no, not what you think' was very well received by our customers and interested parties.

While using practical examples and small provocations, we were able to show the participants what is important for a successful transformation. That includes of course the IT component. But there are some other important 'homework' tasks as well. We’ve enjoyed working together with you again!"

Steffen Krause 
Managing Director at B.i. Team, Germany

Particularly inspiring speaker

“With Guus, we welcomed a particularly inspiring speaker for the participants at our Business Day. He knows how to electrify the participants and also to address unpleasant points in an interesting, partly provocative but also entertaining way - not least because of his Dutch charm.

With his talk on digital change he perfectly complemented our technical topics and made our participants aware of the implications of changes and opportunities in all fields of digital transformation.

Thank you Guus for your great talks - always worth listening!”

Silke Schindler 
Marketing manager at PRISMA INFORMATIK, Germany

Gifted and engaging speaker

“Guus, I want to share that you’re one of the most gifted and engaging speakers I have seen in many years of doing this.

I want to thank you for your energy and enjoyable way of presenting the topic, especially how you focus on specific criteria to drive action.”

Mark Rhodes
General Manager Dynamics Communities at BCUG | NAVU, United States

Some help to start!

I have created a valuable whitepaper with 15 practical tips for your next successful event. I’ve collected these tips as being part of a several dozens of partner events all over Europe in the past years. These insights will help you preparing for your best event ever!

Check this valuable content now and improve your next event!

The next step

If you like my approach, I’d suggest setting up a call to discuss your business goals, the content, the logistics and all the other relevant details.

Just send me an email and we are on our way!