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cloud business skills

Valuable trainings that make your employees fit for the new world

The impact of the paradigm shift

You might have noticed it: we are moving from an ‘old world’ in which software vendors had power over customers to a ‘new world’ that is dominated by powerful customers. Whether you like it or not, a true paradigm shift is happening at the speed of light!

Old habits and traditional thinking become obstacles in today’s contacts with prospects and customers. You and your team need new insights and impulses to stay attractive and business relevant for your customers. Only in this way you can grow in your role as trusted advisor.

Microsoft partners that want to survive this shift must change their attitude and culture.

Are you ready for that?

Different challenges per role

In this change process, every role has it’s own challenges. This picture shows a summary of the most important challenges for the most common roles in a partner organisation.

Challenges per role

  • Directors
    new vision, being visible, new DNA, being the example of change
  • Marketing
    shift to digital and social, new buying behavior, educate
  • Sales
    shift to digital and social, new buying behavior, educate
  • Consultants
    sparring partner, change, vertical, Power platform
  • Project leaders
    change management, supporting customers' board
  • Developers
    products, simplicity, change, extensions, Power platform
  • Helpdesk
    customer satisfaction, pro-active Help-help, prevent churn
  • Shareholders
    new investments, expectations on short-term results

My training offerings

I deliver many different training formats for diverse roles that help build and improve your cloud business skills. Those trainings range from the marketing and sales roles to helpdesk and support. And from project management all the way to strategic sessions for directors and senior managers.

You can of course choose between an inhouse and an online delivery.

Training topics

Here are a few examples of the training topics that I deliver to project leaders and sales professionals

For the project manager

Delivering CRM, ERP or digital transformation projects these days is far from easy! Unlike traditional projects, the after COVID-19 projects are more standardised, cloud based solutions. In addition, they are focused on customer centricity. And achieving project success!

Initiate - lead - adapt

The successful project manager of the future must be able to initiate and lead this change process. They should be able to help the organisation adapt their legacy processes and outdated mindsets to the new software - not the other way around.

Project management used to be the domain of the 'techies' who know the project inside out and the project administrators who are excellent in registering project data. Rather, this is becoming the domain of change management and business results.

Needless to say that a modern project manager must be able to lead this process, motivate teams to change and guide the customers’ management in this though journey.

For the sales professional

Selling software solutions in the after COVID-19 era will be a completely different game.

  1. Almost all Dynamics 365 product information and details are available online.
  2. A growing number of partners have published the prices and demo videos of their propositions on their websites.
  3. Modern prospects are better prepared and informed than ever before.

Business acumen

Successful sales professionals in the new era specialise in the business acumen of their markets instead of the solution sets.

  • As real trusted advisors, they are experts in bridging the gap between the business challenges and their propositions.
  • They are able to inspire their customer’s management.
  • They think, talk and act ‘outside-in’ and always focus on the long-term interests of their customers.
  • Finally, these professionals don’t just sell software plus services. All they sell is project success.

What do other Microsoft partners say about my training?


The inhouse workshop that Guus delivered on Project Management was invaluable. It has started a lot of thought processes about the business direction. And about how to initiate the customers on each and every new project.

If we would have consumed this workshop six months ago, we would have saved a small fortune.

Duncan Fergusson
Managing director at Sci-net, United Kingdom

Huge experience and fresh input

Guus is very charismatic and influential instructor, with a huge experience of Microsoft Dynamics market. I was happy to invite him to deliver a session for the Dynamics 365 partners in the Central Eastern Europe region on how to transform and stay relevant on the market that is constantly changing.

I strongly believe this fresh input was very much needed for partners to stay motivated.

Inga Sartauskaite
Northeastern Europe managing director at 1ClickFactory, Lithuania

Re-enforce our thinking

Guus delivered a very worthwhile 2-day workshop for our management team. I feel it will assist re-enforce our thinking and develop a new culture within our offices.

We are very fortunate that we could have a 1:1 workshop rather than a public one. I believe this certainly helped covered more relevant ground.

I really liked Guus’ presentation style with all delegates responding well.

Iain O’Kane
CEO at Xperience Group, United Kingdom

Our next step

Our best next step is to set up a call where we can discuss your business challenges, your specific learning goals and the logistics like date, format (on location or remote), agenda, investment and return.

What day and time works best for you?

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