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E-Book on Business Transformation - Preface

I have over three decades of experiences with good, average and failed business software implementation projects. The results have varied from great to disappointing project outcomes. The distinguishing factors affecting project success come down to capability and experience of the appointed implementation partner and, in equal measures, the client’s ability to be open for change and to manage the desired success.

This book is meant to help you as a manager or director making your next software implementation project into a success. Preferably a great success, since not many companies in today’s world can afford their digital transformation to fail!

We will do this, not by focusing on the software and technology (the ‘digital’), but by focusing on the ‘transformation’ element. Think about paying much more attention to your current and future customers as a lever to your success. Find a business model that really adds value and happiness for these customers. Focus on your business goals, alongside the business processes that support those goals. Pay attention to your staff, their ideas, their emotions, their engagement and their skills.

In contrast to your previous experiences with software implementation, there is a much bigger job for you and your management team required during your digital transformation. After all, the pricelist of your favorite vendor doesn’t contain an article number for the transformation part of digital transformation, right?

Consider sharing this book with your colleague directors and senior managers, since you and your company are both success and fail factor number one. Please do ask for external support if you don't really understand the content or if you’re wondering what your next steps in this important process should be.

I expect that this book will help you substantially improve your success rate for this important business transformation! Any questions or remarks? Don’t hesitate to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Guus Krabbenborg

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