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E-Book on Business Transformation - Chapter 4

Modernise your software or your whole organisation?

Consider your current business software. Now imagine it’s a car.

Like most cars on the road today, many Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management systems are not that new anymore. Sometimes they’re even ‘old-timer software’. And these CRM and ERP solutions just aren’t able to keep up with the demands of the modern workplace.

Imagine that your current software system looks like a Trabant. Remember them? They’re super cute and cool, sure. But they don’t go fast, haven’t any safety features or integrate with any of your gadgets. And while driving your Trabant with a maximum speed of only 60 kilometers per hour, you are a big danger on the highway. Think of your competitors driving their swish modern ‘ERP or CRM cars’ that top 180 kilometers per hour while they use Bluetooth, listen to music and check their vital statistics at the touch of a button. Like it or not, they are closing the gap between you and they are coming from all sides.

You will understand that you can’t wait much longer with the modernization process. So you start the orientation on a modern, fast and flexible car that will help you be successful in today’s digital era. After careful analysis of the market, you opt for a swish Lamborghini. But as the dealer hands you the keys, you ask “Can you please put the Trabant engine in the Lambo?”.

Back to software terms. Most companies implement their new software based on old insights. And most of them are not motivated to modernise their business processes to adapt to today’s customer expectation. Importantly (but often forgotten), they are not taking enough time to motivate their staff to think and act accordingly.

So what does this mean? It means they carry all their legacy business processes and reports with them to the new system. Including the old and contaminated data. And – probably worst of all – their legacy thinking about how to treat their customers, prospects, members or citizens.

Upgrading your software without modernising your business processes and the skills and mindsets of your employees including the board of directors (!) can only lead to project disappointments. Or worse!

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