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your customers succeed

Inspiring prospect and customer education sessions focused on project success

project success
is not easy

The formula is simple. In order to achieve a project success you need a perfect software solution, a great implementation partner and an awesome customer.

Whilst the quality of solutions and implementation partners has greatly improved over the last years, the average customer often is the weakest link in the chain. No offense here – this is just an observation! This makes sense, simply because the average customers only replace their solutions every 8 to 10 years.

It makes sense that they need help.

Are you going to offer them that help?

Most buyers are beginners

Not many implementation partners realize this: the vast majority of ERP and CRM buyers are beginners.

In fact, most individuals responsible for selecting, contracting and implementing a new solution do this job only once or twice in their lives.


is the key to success

Smart Microsoft D365 partners educate their prospective customers. They ideally do that in the early phase of the buying cycles. Many decisions that determine project success or project failure are taken by the customers’ management long before they start conversations with their vendors.

Wrong decisions can be prevented by offering your prospect the right education early in the process.

Needless to say that the trust these prospective customers have in your company increases based on this educational approach.

What are the main messages

Typically, these masterclasses don’t talk product at all. In addition, Microsoft, other vendors and implementation partners are only lightly touched upon.

These masterclasses focus on the prospective customers

On their organisation, their challenges, their business goals and their transformation processes. We dive deep into customer centricity, organizational change, the roles and responsibilities for the senior management and how to get all their teams into the change modus.

Various flavors available

These masterclasses are offered in different variations,
each includes different content and is focused on a different target group

ERP or CRM Success

Target group
Prospective companies ideally 6 to 18 months from their decision

How to best select, contract, implement and use solutions

Executive Change

Target group
The C-level of prospective companies.

How to best manage, guide and engage in software implementation projects as a management team

Business Transformation

Target group
The C-level of existing customers and prospects.

How to make a success of the transformation part of digital transformation

I can deliver these masterclasses both 1-to-many and 1-on-1 for a specific customer in three different languages: English, German and Dutch.
You can of course choose between an inhouse and an online delivery.

Get access to
other buying personas

The attendees to these masterclasses are not the usual suspects one would expect for ERP (IT and finance) or CRM (sales, marketing and IT). No, it’s quite often the C-level roles and in the transformation masterclasses also the HR professionals.

Organising these masterclasses with me will enable you to expand your network within your prospect's organisation and get access to personas with decision power.

And that’s of course no disadvantage!

Making money on prospect education

I work with partners that educate the management of their current and future customers on a structured basis. They see the value of well informed and motivated C-level individuals. They position these masterclasses in a way that their audience is willing to pay for attending.

These partners get (better) access to these decision makers, their customers are better prepared for their own jobs and responsibilities, the success rates of their projects increase and, in the end, they even make money with these masterclasses.

Nice concept, right?

What about a joint delivery?

I have delivered these masterclasses since 2005. In all those years, I have inspired many hundreds of potential ERP and CRM customers. Therefore I am very confident to deliver these masterclass sessions with great success for you and your customers as well.

However, it also makes sense to create a joint delivery. One in which I deliver the generic messages and a representative of your company dives into the industry or vertical specific challenges.

What do other Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners say about these Masterclasses?

Best investment to achieve project success

Today’s software implementation projects are both crucially important in order not to fall behind but also pretty risky. For every company that is about to start an ERP or CRM project, the Masterclass workshop lead by Guus Krabbenborg is an extremely helpful and useful preparation.

Guus has the ability as a speaker to convey the content in an interesting AND entertaining way. And he also addresses topics that may be unpleasant, but risk the success of the project. In my opinion, attending this 1-day workshop is the best investment one can make to achieve project success and minimize project risks right from the start.

Hauke Lamb
CEO of German D365 partner TRASER

Higher overall
project satisfaction

Guus and his services are our secret weapons. We integrated Guus' methods in our project methodology. The Change Management workshops are our starting point before we begin with the business scans.

By offering these workshops we help prepare the management and the implementation team for their project. We help them to understand what they can expect from tegos and what their own responsibilities are.

With this service we insure that the cooperation with our customer is much better than before. We also see that the overall project satisfaction is higher.

With our vertical knowledge in waste management and our standard ISV solution we offer a perfect mix of a strong project methodology and industry expertise.”

Ralf Linneman
CEO of German D365 partner tegos

How do customers react?

The feedback of current and potential customers on these Masterclasses is very good.

Evaluation scores are consistently between 8,5 and 9,5 on a 1 to 10 scale.

Not bad, right?

And this is how they express their satisfaction in words:

  • Very good!
  • A super practical workshop
  • Competent speaker!
  • Very helpful for our Change project!
  • This workshop should be mandatory for every company planning to modernize their software!”
Manfred Strauss, CEO at OMICRON in Austria and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer since 2003

"Refreshing shower of inspiring thoughts"

"At OMICRON, were in the middle of a project that covers the implementation of a new ERP solution plus the standardisation of all our world­wide internal processes. This includes a massive organisational change process!

We’ve asked Guus Krabbenborg to deliver a keynote presentation for a group of 160 colleagues at our headquarter in Klaus.

His presentation was a refreshing shower of inspiring thoughts exactly at the right moment!

Thank you Guus for this powerful ‘wake-up call’ before bringing our ‘cool concept‘ to real live. Your presentation was of great value in that very moment.

Even more we envision plenty moments ahead of us where your inputs will help us avoiding bad compromises on change and keep this challenging project on track."


Masterclass increases D365 project success chances at Burmester

I recently delivered an Executive Change Masterclass to Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH in Berlin. Burmester is an innovative producer of high-end audio solutions.

Here’s an interview with Clemens Janning, the responsible project manager for the ERP implementation project. He explains why they decided for an Executive Change Masterclass and how that helped the organisation to be (more) open for the new world.

Delivered by Guus or DIY?

These masterclasses can be delivered by me (both inhouse and online), but we can also set up a Train-The-Trainer session to facilitate you to re-deliver.

The advantage of this Do It Yourself approach is that you can deliver these Masterclasses both easier, faster and cheaper. And, if relevant, in your own language. On top of that it will lift your company's reputation.

But of course, you can also start in an ‘outsourcing model’ and take that full responsibility over time.