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Agenda for the ERP/CRM Success Masterclass

1. Introduction and context

  • Goals and logistics
  • What’s the most effective mindset?

2. What is your strategy?

  • What is your current situation and what have you learned for previous implementations?
  • What are the most important trends in the ERP / CRM market today?
  • What do your current and future customers expect from you and your solution?
  • What is your project scope?
  • Do you aim for a point solution or a complete platform?
  • Do you adapt the software to your processes and organization or the other way around?
  • How to best anchor the responsibilities on board level?


3. The selection process

  • How (so not which!) to select the best vendor, the best solution set and the best implementation partner for your specific situation?
  • How to move effectively from a longlist to the shortlist to your final choice?
  • Do you aspire to select just a tool or to select partners to achieve joint Project Success?
  • How to secure choices that also thrive in the long term?
  • How to create an effective and undisputed internal decision-making process?

Lunch break

4. The contracting phase

  • How to avoid the most common contracting mistakes?
  • What is your best focus – creating business value or chasing the lowest price?
  • How to get clarity around the task split between yourself and the implementation partner?
  • How to secure the right quality in the implementation process?
  • Your most important contract is achieving internal commitment. How to do that?

Small break

5. The implementation project

  • What is the Why of this project? And what SMART business goals do you want to achieve?
  • How to bring your organization into the change mode - including the senior management?
  • How are you going to use the good ideas and improvements in your own teams?
  • What to expect from your implementation partner and what are your own responsibilities?
  • How to avoid scope creep and exceeding your time, money and quality budgets?
  • What can you learn from previous, well-known implementation failures?

6. Conditions for success

  • A resume in 5 steps
  • Wrap-up and defining follow-up actions

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