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Agenda for the Executive Change Masterclass

1. Introduction and context

  • Goals and logistics
  • What’s the most effective mindset?

2. The right business strategy

  • What’s the current state of the market?
  • The need to become a customer-centric organization
  • How to find a business model that adds maximum customer value?
  • Understanding why you win and why you lose today
  • How to improve the happiness of your customers, employees and partners?


3. How technology can help

  • What is ERP/CRM and what are the benefits?
  • What determines success and which skills and mindsets are needed?
  • Opting for standard software or better customized?
  • Opting for single category solutions or a platform approach?
  • What have you learned from your previous ERP/CRM projects that you can re-use?

Lunch break

4. What do you want to achieve

  • How important is this project for you, really?
  • What are your project goals? Learn from effective and non-effective goals
  • Just modernizing the technology or also the organization?
  • Your new system is for tomorrow – not for yesterday! Learn what that means
  • What is the most effective project scope and what is the best way to prevent scope creep?

Small break

5. What is the impact on company culture and your DNA?

  • Understanding the crucial importance of organizational change
  • How to break down internal silos and improve co-operation?
  • What does your communication strategy look like?
  • What is the most effective project culture and how to achieve that level?
  • As a leader, you are the role model in this project. Are you ready for that?

6. These are the conditions for success

  • A resume in 5 steps
  • Wrap-up and defining follow-up actions

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