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Subscriptions to business content to make your website irresistible

How attractive is your website?

Content is what makes your website attractive for your target audience. To visit. To stay. To consume more. To tip a colleague. And of course, to always return.

A relevant question is how good the content of your current website is. Do you write it ‘Inside-Out’ or ‘Outside-In’? Do you mainly talk about your solutions (‘the drill’) or about the business benefits and the outcomes (‘the holes’)?

Many of today’s D365 partner websites do not contain really convincing content.

Interested in improving this?

Are you able to write attractive content?

It’s not easy to write content that is both attractive and relevant for your audience. Of course, you need well developed writing skills - that makes sense.

On top of that you must understand the world of your potential buyers. Their position, their options, the pressure, the risks and their emotions. And it helps a lot if you also understand the Microsoft product strategies and business strategies.

Many partner websites are overloaded with product information.
But are you sure this is attractive for your audience?

Will your customers visit your website or that of a competitor?

Please check your own website for a minute. And count the number of news articles that you have published in the last 3, 6 and 12 months. Are you happy with the outcomes?

So that is quantity.

Then the quality. Which of these articles are business relevant for your current and future customers? Which articles deliver inspiration? And buying arguments for Dynamics 365, the Microsoft platform and your own proposition?

Be honest: would you visit your own website frequently if you were a prospective customer?

The proposition

To help you improve your website, I have two subscription offerings for you.

In each offering you will receive two news articles or blogs per month. 
That makes 24 pieces of tangible news per year. Every year.
Or 48 articles per year if you select both offerings.

That will give you valuable input to keep your website attractive.

You can of course also use these articles to pimp your newsletters.

Two subscriptions

General content on Microsoft and
Dynamics 365

For current and new Dynamics 365 customers

This includes news items and blogs on Microsoft, on various product news and on benefits of using the Dynamics 365 solutions. But also on upgrades and digital transformation.

It includes valuable checklists and insightful questionnaires to achieve Project Success.

Content to help your customers achieve Project Success

How to best select, contract, implement and use new software

This proposition includes valuable business advice on the internal preparation of your future customers for project success.

It includes articles that provide relevant business reasons to select Dynamics 365.

The pricing

One subscription

Your investment in one subscription offering in one language is only

€ 1.000 per year*

* less than € 42 per piece of content

Both subscriptions

Your investment in both subscription offerings in one language is only

€ 1.800 per year*

* only € 37,50 per piece of content

Extra languages are available at € 250 per year per language.

Available today in 5 languages, being English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Additional languages on request.

Subscriptions last for 12 months followed by a tacit renewal. The notice period is 1 calendar month.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Can you do it yourself for so little money?

Is that expensive?

I understand that you can spend your money only once! 
Like I understand the growing importance of an attractive website and attractive newsletters. 

So for a minute, consider the effect of this valuable and inspiring content on your target audience. Think about the creation of additional leads for new customers and for up- and cross-sell to existing customers. Include the impact of messages that confirm the correctness of their choice for Microsoft and your organisation. And then relate these revenues once again to the size of the investment. 

I am sure you can do the math!

Titles of some of the articles that I have delivered over the past few months

  • Inspiration - What’s the best type of implementationpartner for you? A standard partner or a true sparring partner?
  • Continuity - This is the most overlooked cost item in ERP selection!
  • Building trust - Dynamics 365 Business Central is the fastest growing cloud ERP solution!
  • Continuity - Is Microsoft the right partner for your long-term IT strategy?
  • Building trust - Microsoft to quadruple cybersecurity investments, spending $20B over five years
  • Continuity - Microsoft Q4 2021 financial results: cloud revenue up and Dynamics 365 growth accelerates
  • Insights - Burning platform; how long can you continue to use your current ERP or CRM solution?
  • Project Success - The road to Project Success - this is how you prevent budget overruns

A sneak preview of my content calendar for the months to come

  • Inspiration - These are the conditions on the customer side for a successful ERP or CRM project
  • Learning - This is how you organize a successful project kick-off (and why that is super important!)
  • Inspiration - 5 Reasons why you should consider the move from a stand-alone ERP or CRM system to an intelligent cloud platform
  • Inspiration – How Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners and their customers influence the product roadmap
  • Continuity – Why you should always choose a vendor that has many localized versions over a local vendor
  • Inspiration – This is how your sponsor can make the difference between project success and project failure
  • Continuity - How well does your existing ERP or CRM vendor survive in this crisis?
  • Learning - Do you want your project to be good, fast and cheap? Unfortunately, you can only pick two of these!

You can make the content unique!

We all know that it’s ineffective to publish exactly the same content as your colleague D365 partners. For sure when you are on the same shortlist with those partners! To avoid duplicated content I deliver the articles in Word format.

This gives you the rights and the ability to adapt these articles to your own taste. You can change the title, add vertical oriented examples and re-write the text to make it your own unique content.

What do other partners say about this service?

Easy to adapt

It takes me only 10 to 15 minutes to turn Guus' articles into a unique article with our own flavor.

Opinion leaders

Guus with his Content-as-a-Service offer is an elementary part of our content marketing strategy. It is also thanks to him that we are perceived as opinion leaders in the field of Microsoft Dynamics. We benefit from his many years of experience, his proximity to Microsoft and his agility.
Michael Kunz | Go-to-Market expert at redPoint (Switzerland)


We have a subscription to both content categories, so the articles just keep coming!

Mindset of change

The content provided by Guus have been a great support in our communication strategy. It helps us to promote a mindset of change towards the decision makers regarding Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
Vanessa Gomes | marketing lead at Arquiconsult (Portugal)


This stream of content gives us the inspiration that we so often lacked before.


This service gives a tremendous boost to both our website and our newsletters.

What if you do not join?

Not accepting this proposal means that your content level remains where it is today. You will keep the same numbers of news posts. And you will waive improvement. A perfect choice if you are happy with where you are today.

But what if your direct D365 competitors do join?

Join the best partners!

Some of the leading D365 partners from all over the world have already chosen for this unique offering. And most of them subscribed for both offerings.

So what are you waiting for?