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Microsoft D365 BC is the world’s best available cloud ERP solution!

Microsoft is a very ambitious organisation! Two years ago, the company spoke out loud her ambition to make Dynamics 365 Business Central the best ERP system in the world for SMB organisations. Obviously, a wide availability around the globe is an absolute precondition for becoming the best. And that’s exactly what Microsoft is doing. With the recent BC 2023 wave 1, the number of fully localized versions is expanded by 40 to an impressive total of 131! An increase of 44 percent compared with one year ago. That makes Business Central the world’s best available cloud ERP solution!

In today’s digitalized business world, medium sized and even small companies can sell and deliver their products and services globally. But that has of course an impact on the scope and the deployability of their IT systems. That’s why it is important when selecting a new ERP solution to always check if your potential vendors have an international offering. If so, how many localized versions are available. And whether that matches with your current and future activities. Since almost every single country has particularities in accounting, tax rules and reporting. And on top of that the well-known cultural differences.

You should definitely avoid the trap of starting with a local ERP vendor in your home country and run into problems on your very first step across borders. Either through an acquisition or through organic growth. Unfortunately, many companies had to learn this important lesson the hard way.

Based on the Business Central 2023 wave 1 release there are now 131 localized versions available. That number of course includes all the big countries. But also very small countries like Nepal, The Bahamas, Bermuda and Guernsey. These 131 versions combined cover more than 80 percent of the world Gross Domestic Product. And there’s even more countries to come in the 2023 wave 2 version.

To compare: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the on-premise predecessor of Business Central has 46 localized versions available. And the competition is lagging far behind. [suggestion: add your biggest non-BC competitor here] has only [their number] localized versions today.

These extensions make the Dynamics 365 BC offer even more attractive for companies searching for a new ERP solution. If you run a local operation today you might think this message is meant for someone else. But do you have any idea where the future growth of your company will be in the next 10 years? And what international opportunities will cross your path?

Conclusion: don’t limit yourself when you are selecting a new ERP solution.

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