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Be inspired by my creativity and many years of event experience

Over the last 20+ years I have been actively involved in hundreds of customer events from Dynamics 365 partners around the world. Some of these events were really perfectly organized and had a great turnout! Others were average or sometimes just mediocre in design. Unfortunately, many of them had to contend with a low turnout and a high 'no show' rate.

These customer events are important for your company and the connection with your current and future customers. It involves a lot of time, money and energy. So there is every reason to approach the preparation, the implementation and the follow-up professionally.

With my experience I can be your wise advisor to help you make your upcoming event your best event ever.

Here’s a list of topics that we should discuss together:

Before the event

  • What’s the overall event theme?
  • Will access be for free or do you charge money for access?
  • What do(es) the target group(s) for the event look(s) like?
  • What are the main messages to communicate?
  • How does that translate into attractive sessions on the agenda?
  • What is the most effective agenda format?
  • What does the speaker selection look like?
  • What is the right balance between functionality and business?
  • How to prepare the speakers for their performance?
  • How many visitors do you want to attract?
  • What does the perfect invitation look like?
  • How to create invite reminders that inspire people to react?
  • How to create an event landing page that attracts attendees?
  • Who else is invited (think: press, Microsoft, influencers, other vendors)?
  • How to limit the no-show?

During the event

  • How to create audience engagement in the sessions?
  • How to stimulate mutual contact between the visitors?
  • How to create enough ‘glue’ between the sessions?
  • What content to give the audience as hand-outs?
  • How to best capture the event?
  • What are the linking pins to follow-up events?

After the event

  • What does the event follow-up look like towards the visitors, the no-shows and the not registered ones?
  • What does the effective commercial follow-up look like?
  • How to create an effective follow-up without high costs?
  • How to prepare yourself already now for next years event?

This is what Microsoft and other D365 partners say about my advisor role

"With his vast event experience, Guus has an eye for detail as well as for the big picture. With those valuable insights, he has helped us taking a big step forward in planning and organizing our annual customer event.”
Sylvia Blank | PR- and Marketing Manager | ABILITY (Germany)

“Guus was very active and engaged in the planning phase of our partner event, eager for it to be a valuable experience for all our partners.”
Aina Gjøstøl | Territory Channel Manager and Knut Landa | Partner Development Manager | Microsoft Norway
“Thanks Guus for your exemplary support in the preparation phase of our events!”
Steffen Krause | Managing Director | B.i. TEAM (Germany)

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