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Agenda for the workshop ‘Transform your business DNA'

Here’s a suggested workshop agenda for a change session with your complete team. Of course we can adjust the agenda to your specific wishes.

Opening, business goals, introduction and logistics

Part I - What’s happening in today’s international markets?

  • What is happening in the markets, at the competition and in the buying behavior?
  • What are the high-level Microsoft product and distribution strategies?
  • Why is Microsoft moving from a product approach to a platform strategy?

Part II – The business impact on your own company

  • What is the business impact of all these changes on Microsoft Dynamics partners?
  • How does Microsoft see the successful “partner of the future”?
  • How are you doing so far compared to other D365 partners and what can be the next steps?

Part III – The impact on your various departments

  • We are all moving from selling licenses to a consumption model. How can you keep your customers happy and how to prevent churn?
  • What does the move from mega customizations to (more) standard solutions mean for your marketing, your sales, your implementation methodology and your attitude in general?
  • How can you use Organizational Change Management to deliver more Project Success?

Part IV - The impact on your individual employees

  • What does this all mean for mindset and for skill sets?
  • What are the most important substantive changes for the various roles in your company?
  • What can individual employees in these roles do to deliver more added value in their jobs?

Wrap-up, conclusions, call to actions

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