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Inspire your customers – what is the most effective project rollout?

One of the challenges in ERP and CRM implementation projects is the misconception regarding project scope and the pace of change.

Most customers grossly overestimate their competencies, the available time and resources and their attention to the project.

When signing the contract everyone is optimistic and fully focused. But once the project is running, that same focus often disappears. An important prospect, other urgent projects or an acquisition takes away all the management attention. And then the ERP/CRM-project is left alone...

Most of us have learned that a project based on multiple ‘short and fierce’ steps is way more effective than these ‘big bang’ projects, right? But how do you convince the over-optimistic (and sometimes even stubborn) management of your current and future customers?

This is exactly what these owners and senior managers learn in the Masterclasses delivered by Dynamics and More. And much more!

The management of your customer is the main factor influencing success or failure. Starting every new project with an online Masterclass will inspire and educate them. And that makes your proposition more attractive and helps you to create more successful projects.

Interested in educating your customers? Then check this page for details.


Guus Krabbenborg


05 February 2021

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