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Do your project managers have the courage to name the elephant in the room?

With the transformation from stand-alone business applications towards digital transformation initiatives, the role of Microsoft Dynamics 365 project management has changed dramatically.

The focus is no longer on adapting the software to the organization. It’s exactly the other way around! In today’s competitive markets, organisations are forced to become customer-centric organisations. With modernised, transparent business processes. And the right mindset in the whole organisation.

Achieving success in this new world requires a different way of managing projects. Less focused on finishing long technical-driven task lists. More attention for change processes. To start with these boardroom residents. 😉

Unfortunately, there are still many project managers who function as ‘project administrators’. I see it pretty often. All measurements and project registrations are correct and complete while the project stalls due to insufficient organizational change. But it’s not that surprising of course when you consider that many project managers have a product background.

Remarkable observation: 'the need to increase courage' was the most mentioned take-away from my recent Project Excellence workshops. The courage to ask better, more probing questions to challenge the customers’ management. But also the courage to stick to the chosen methodology and implementation plans - even under high pressure.

Mind you – failing to prepare yourself in time can be costly! This is what Duncan Fergusson, CEO of UK partner Sci-Net Business Solutions said after such an inhouse Project Excellence workshop: “If we would have consumed this workshop 6 months ago, we would have saved a small fortune!”

So how well prepared are your project managers for this new world? Do they have the courage to name the elephant in the room? And are they able to guide the management of your customers in these crucial change processes?

Check here for more details on these valuable workshops: Build cloud business skills - Dynamics and more

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Guus Krabbenborg


04 April 2022

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