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4PS UK team eager to implement both personal and business-wide change!

Last week I visited Birmingham to deliver two Project Excellence workshops to the successful Dynamics 365 BC partner 4PS. 

The 4PS UK management sees its markets and customers changing rapidly these days. And they believe that there is always room for further improvement.

The first day was for the complete team. I presented the main trends in the market, in the Microsoft strategies and in modern buying behavior. Based on that introduction, we discussed the business impact on the 4PS customers and the 4PS organisation and the personal impact on the individual 4PS professionals.

On the second day we dived deeper in the chances and the challenges for the marketing, sales and pre-sales team and for the delivery team. We discussed the need to inspire and guide the customer’s C-suite to really transform their businesses. And how crucial it is to avoid a ‘lift & shift’ approach when migrating to a new solution. On top of that we talked intensively about customer centricity and delivering project success.

In that discussion, various interesting topics came along. Such as how to prevent scope creep and (too much) customisations, why a step by step approach oftentimes is better than a ‘big bang’, how to scope organizational change and why 9 women can’t put a baby on earth in only 1 month time.

Together we collected many new insights, learned non-traditional approaches, re-activated some well-known but lost abilities and also exercised how to stay out of the price spiral. It was hard work and quite strenuous at times. But luckily we also had some good laughs together. 😊

This is what Business Unit manager Paul Kerr said about these 2 days:

“These Project Excellence workshops as delivered by Guus is, without a doubt, the single most effective way to engage the whole team. Guus’ content is relevant, insightful, provocative and, most importantly, based on real world experience! Everyone has come away feeling positively charged and eager to implement both personal and business-wide change.”

I wish the 4PS UK team every success in putting all we’ve learned into practice.

Are you interested in giving your team a boost in customer centricity, C-suite education and Project Success after your summer vacation? Just contact me and we'll work out a plan together. 


Guus Krabbenborg


27 July 2022

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