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Partner business transformation is best done all together at once

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners all over the world are in the middle of a crucial transformation process. They must move their propositions, their staff, their business DNA and their customers from the traditional on-premise based world to the new world that is governed by customer centricity, project success and cloud technology. And soon!

This transformation is without any doubt the biggest and most important change in the history of these organisations. But what’s the best way to do that? After all, failure is not an option.

Now it is obvious that the marketing, sales and pre-sales roles as well as the senior management have noticed this change first. And already started to adapt. But in my daily contacts with partners, I observe that in many organizations the operations and delivery roles stay behind.

As an attendee in one of my workshops recently said: “Our delivery colleagues are 1 or 2 years behind in their mindset.”

So how does your organization deal with this giant leap? All jump together at once seems to be the best and most effective way. Or are you considering doing it in two jumps?

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Guus Krabbenborg


11 March 2021

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