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A customer-friendly mindset – are you able to think and act outside-in?

Which side of the cup is the ear on?

The answer depends of course from which side you look at it.

It is basic human behavior to look from the inside out. But for Microsoft Dynamics 365 professionals, the ability to look 'outside-in' is a great asset that helps them to better understand their customers. To avoid conflicts. To come up with solutions that are balanced for the interests of both parties. And these solutions are ideally always long-term based.

This skill becomes even more important now that all Microsoft partners are entering the world of subscription pricing. In this new era, your customers have way more possibilities to easily switch from implementation partner or even switch from solutions if they feel mistreated.

Thinking and acting ‘outside-in’ also is a great help in your marketing and sales activities. As an example: if you were your own prospective customer – would you get excited when visiting your current website? And feel the urge to buy something immediately? Would you take the time and have the patience to read your current proposal text from A to Z? And would you be able to understand every single word in the text of your formal agreements?

Today’s prospective customers search for ease, low risk and comfort. And that doesn’t stop with the software alone! The ability of your staff to talk ‘customer language’, the attitude to regard the customer as equal and the willingness to strive for win-win situations are at least as important as your solutions, your add-ons and your implementation methodology.

How well developed is this talent in your company today?


Guus Krabbenborg


08 May 2021

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