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Managing churn is crucial for success in a cloud first world!

Now that most Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners have entered the cloud arena in full, managing churn is an important topic for future success. But is preventing churn already part of your company culture and DNA?

In this new world, customer satisfaction is a very important aspect. Wonder why? Well, the subscription model allows your customers to easily switch to another Dynamics 365 partner or even to another solution when they are unhappy.

So it is crucial to have multiple feedback moments on various levels in your customers' organisation. And to have the attitude, mindset and tools to act on dissatisfaction immediately. Working this way, you will protect both your customer base and a healthy future.

Failing to do so will result in the loss of contracts. And that is what we call 'churn'.

Few interesting questions here:
  • which individual in your leadership team is responsible for churn?
  • is churn part of your compensation plans? (since it should!)
  • how are you inspiring and educating your teams on the desired behavior?
  • and what tools and structures are available?
Good churn management is crucial for success in a cloud first world!

We can help you in this important process with the delivery of inspiring and provocative presentations. Check this page to learn more: Transform your business DNA - Dynamics and more

How do you manage your churn?


Guus Krabbenborg


12 June 2021

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