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What prevents organizations from modernizing their outdated software?

Large numbers of organisations worldwide still deploy ERP and CRM solutions that are outdated, user unfriendly and often out-of-active-support.

Many of these solutions are implemented in a ‘siloed way’ with different processes per department, per division and/or per country. This prevents good communication between departments. And it makes the transition to a customer-centric organisation almost impossible.

All of these organisations are fully aware that there are better solutions available in the market. At affordable cost.

Nevertheless, most of them still don’t move.

Oddly enough, many Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners still focus their marketing messages and activities on the functions and features of their solution set. But how effective is that?

I was curious to hear from my LinkedIn network what it is that prevents these organizations from taking action to modernise their legacy solutions asap.

Below are the outcomes of this poll.

why organisations do not modernise
So the clear majority of the voters say that this procrastination is due to a perceived lack of urgency on the one hand and fear for the impact of the implementation and the associated changes on the other hand.

My observation is that many organisations at C-level not looking forward to these projects simply because they don’t know what their own role is, they have no clue where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. And that’s where our Executive Masterclasses come into play. Professional workshops that prepare the board and the higher management of your customers for a successful project.

Check here for details: Help your customers succeed - Dynamics and more

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Guus Krabbenborg


24 September 2021

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