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So how effective is your website?

Today, most Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners have nice, colourful and informative websites. Interesting question is to which extent the content on your website is in line with the information that future customers need to make their strategic decisions?

At the end of the day, these are the 5 topics that every selection committee must report to their management:

  1. Why Microsoft?
  2. Why your Dynamics 365 solution?
  3. Why you as implementation partner?
  4. Why now and not postpone?
  5. How to achieve Project Success?

Unfortunately, most D365 partner websites have an (over-) abundance of function & and feature related information. And a (serious) shortage of strategic choice arguments. That can increase the likelihood that your prospect will buy from someone else.

Does your website offer answers to these 5 important questions today? In other words: how well does your website support the selection process of your future customers?

See room for improvement? Here’s the good news. Dynamics and More will release powerful content early 2023 to help you answer and facilitate all these critical questions. And more.

Interested? Stay tuned or just contact me.

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Guus Krabbenborg


23 December 2022

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