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Software modernisation - the cost of doing nothing

Investing in modern business software is expensive. That’s for sure! However, not investing in the modernization of IT tools can cost your organization capitals!

Check this article to learn more about the ‘savings’ that US-based Southwest Airlines made on using their outdated scheduling software system ‘SkySolver’ for too long.

Over 13.000 flights were cancelled during the 2022 holiday season. Partly, of course, because of the bad weather. But largely due to the use of outdated software.

The financial impact is huge! Analysts said that fourth-quarter earnings for the airline could take a 3% to 5% hit.

Here’s a few interesting questions that come up:

  • what is the impact of all this on the brand preference of their customer base and on the company image?
  • how good is a scheduling solution if it works well 90 percent of the time but can cause huge problems in exceptional cases?
  • how many new software implementations would they have been able to pay out of the total cost of this drama?
  • how often would they have postponed the implementation of modern scheduling software in recent times “since it wasn’t the right moment”?
  • did their teams include the ‘Cost of Doing Nothing’ in the business case they presented to the board?

And a specific question to you: what plans do you (or your customers) have for 2023 to modernize your business software before you run into these kind of problems yourself?

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Guus Krabbenborg


03 January 2023

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