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Creating a successful customer event? These are my lessons from 2023

Organizing successful customer events is anything but easy these days!

But success is what all Dynamics 365 partners strive for. After all, direct contact with your customers is very important for a lasting relationship. And in addition, the costs and efforts to organize these types of events are substantial.

As a frequent keynote speaker, panel moderator and event chairman, I was involved in dozens of customer events from Microsoft partners in 2023. In this post I want to share my observations and the lessons I learned from them.

  1. Since COVID-19, every on-site content offering is compared to the availability of similar content in an online format. Your challenge is to demonstrate the added value of a visit to your event. If you fail to do so, your customers will stay away.

  2. Modern customers are tired of one-way communication. And most of them really hate the traditional ‘Sit down, Shut up & Listen’ format. So make sure there is enough interaction.

  3. In these busy times, a registration is nothing more than an intention to attend. Not a commitment. The 'no show' percentage of your event can easily amount to 40 or even 50 percent. You must therefore continue to inspire and motivate your registered customers to actually come.

  4. Ideally, your event agenda includes more than just showing products. And if you do show products, don’t focus on what the software in general can do. But show what your customer can do with it. And what he or she gets out of it. Standard demonstrations do not suffice!

  5. 'One size fits nobody' applies when putting together the agenda! Most partners want to attract as many customers as possible, but oftentimes forget that a generic agenda is unattractive from a customer perspective. Your agenda must be super attractive and extensive for the targeted personas since that is the main reason to register and come.

  6. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for successful partner events is starting on time. I see again and again that the event date is set too late and invites are sent too late. Perhaps it would be wise to determine and communicate your event date today?

Are you looking for inspiration to make your 2024 customer event your best event ever? Then consider hiring me as your wise and experienced ‘event coach’.

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Guus Krabbenborg


23 January 2024

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