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Focus on the success and fail factors - not just on the software!

When it comes to implementing new business software, organizations around the world appear to make the same mistake over and over again.

They focus on the technology and not on the organisational success and fail factors.

German Dynamics NAV customer Burmester Audiosysteme decided to do that differently as they prepared to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central. They organised a 1-day inhouse Executive Change Masterclass for their complete management team plus all their key-users.

Two of the most important learnings of this intensive workshop are:

  • “that the complete team has understood and accepted that this is an organizational project” 
  • and "that this project doesn’t belong to IT or Finance. Instead, it is a joint project with responsibility for the whole team.” 

Read the complete interview with Burmester’s CFO Clemens Janning.

Finally a question for you. What if you were to start every new project in 2024 with such an (online) masterclass? Delivered by Guus. Or by your own staff after being thoroughly trained by Guus?

Check all details of my Masterclass offerings.

Interested? Then let’s set up a call to discuss how we can make this work for you. 

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Guus Krabbenborg


07 December 2023

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