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Is your business transforming fast enough and complete?

Software companies all over the world are in the process of business transformation! They all try to move from their on-premise offerings to the cloud. From ‘point solutions’ to a platform approach. From transactions to ongoing consumption. From customisations to complete vertical solutions. And from pushing their solutions to seducing and assisting their prospective customers.

Many Microsoft Dynamics partners are on their way in similar processes. But for every partner company it’s super important to get active support from ALL their employees and ALL their other relevant stakeholders in this transformation! And as we all know, that is far from easy since this includes:
  • Developers and consultants who have only used Dynamics NAV, AX, GP, SL and CRM for long years now must learn and use other parts of the massive Microsoft stack.
  • Salespeople who must work and communicate more closely with their (often much younger!) marketing colleagues.
  • Project managers who must switch from "just" delivering Projects to delivering Project Success.
  • Support people who need to switch from a ‘re-active’ to a ‘pro-active’ mode.
  • And business owners who must lead this huge change process and must ‘be and live the example’ for their teams.

Where is the resistance

No Dynamics partner with the ambition 'to go far' can afford to leave one department or even one employee in this process behind. So which department or which colleague has the biggest resistance against this change process in your company? Or are you the one?

Helping Dynamics partners

I'm invited on a frequent basis by Microsoft Dynamics partners to support them in these crucial change processes. Recently, I was invited by the German Dynamics partners YAVEON and markmann + muller to deliver some presentations and workshops.

Interested in their feedback?

This is what they said about these sessions:

“12 points go to Guus 😏! Guus Krabbenborg is not only an expert in the ERP arena and knows the Microsoft world very well. He is also able to attract his audience when speaking about the current and future challenges that all partners are facing by flavoring it with energy, humor, interaction and a big portion of deep knowledge. If you are seriously thinking about change, Guus is the right person to kick it off.”

- York Braune, CEO - YAVEON

“After visiting Direction EMEA we decided to give our company an external view on the changes in the market. We were already on a good way to the future, but – as always – it is much better to also have a voice from outside of the company, totally aware that we are not finished in our way yet. It was an easy decision to choose Guus Krabbenborg as the ‘man of the match’ for our goals. We wanted a ‘wake up session’ for our company and consultants to be aware that right now is the time to start. We also wanted to inspire the team to see the opportunities and benefits of the new world. This goal was totally achieved by the great session that Guus delivered at our office in Herdecke.”

- Jens Misselhorn, Director of Sales and Guido Rolland, Bereichsleiter - markmann + müller datensysteme GmbH

Are you interested in a complete and successful business transformation process yourself?
Just send me a message - I am more than happy to help.


Guus Krabbenborg


07 February 2020

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