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German KUMAVISION starts user group for C-suite

Last week I was in Stuttgart at the great annual customer event of leading German Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner KUMAVISION with over 200 customer representatives.

During this event, KUMAVISION introduced a nice and valuable new innovation: a user group for the C-suite of their customers.

Traditionally, as you know, user groups were the exclusive domain for the technical and functional roles. Discussing how to best implement new functionalities, how to prioritize change requests and how to further improve the solution.

However, with the growing involvement of top-management in the effective use of business software and business transformation, it seemed logical for KUMAVISION to also improve their communication and knowledge exchange with this specific group.

As a first step they created an ‘event within their annual customer event’ specifically for a group of 20+ C-suite professionals. And called it ‘the Executive Circle’.

A pretty smart move in my opinion! With very good first reactions from the attendees.

I was invited to deliver a keynote presentation regarding the change components of Digital Transformation processes. Including the many responsibilities and challenges for C-level professionals. And the impact of all these on the final project result.

To name just a few topics:
  • How use Digital Transformation to modernise my business model?
  • How can IT help me adding more value to my customers’ customers?
  • Why Digital Transformation ‘chef-sache‘ is and cannot be delegated?
  • Why linking the project goals to the organizations’ strategy?
  • Why avoid customizations and stick to the standard?
  • How to prepare the organisation for massive change?
  • How to be an inspiring example of the desired change?

The feedback of the ‘Circle members’ was very positive. Attendees felt inspired and motivated to get even more out of their current and planned D365 implementation initiatives.

So what about you? Do you see C-level engagement as an important factor in long-term customer satisfaction? And how are you going to handle that?

Need any help? Want to brainstorm? Looking for content? Then let’s talk.

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Guus Krabbenborg


16 May 2023

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