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Inspiring keynote presentation at Xperience Group’s annual customer event

Last week I was keynote speaker at the Digital Solutions Summit, the annual customer event of the successful British Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner Xperience Group.

The company selected a great and inspiring location and gathered her customers and prospects in the famous Rowley Mile Racecourse in Newmarket – ‘home of horse racing’.

The agenda was filled with all kind of interesting sessions centered around the three pillars in Xperience’s offering, being cloud & infrastructure, cyber security and business applications.

In my presentation I focused on customer centricity as the number one challenge for small and midsized businesses:

  • how can you apply today’s technology to become more attractive for customers and further increase their happiness? 
  • what does that mean for your business processes, your reports and your data?
  • and what requirements does this approach impose on the attitude within your management, and your teams and on your company culture?

Clearly, this presentation gave the audience food for thought. The most common feedback received was how sorry visitors felt that their management had not come along. Maybe next time?

This is what Andrew Cavey, chief commercial officer of Xperience Group said:

“As always, Guus’s session was both thought provoking and entertaining. I believe the key message that Digital Transformation is not an IT project but is about managing wider business change really resonated with our customers. Thanks Guus!”

I want to thank Andrew, Iain O’Kane and Kristina King for having me and I wish the team all the best with the event follow-up.

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Guus Krabbenborg


24 October 2023

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