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Today’s business success depends on great implementations!

In today’s Cloud First world, business success depends less on great marketing and sales and more than ever on a great delivery!

After all, due to your subscription based pricing, profits will only arrive after a successful implementation AND a long-lasting relationship with a happy customer.

A basic requirement for success is a solid co-operation between your (pre-)sales team and your delivery team.

I’ve recently delivered my Project Excellence workshop to a number of leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in Norway, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Remarkable observation: these partners decided not to focus on their delivery teams, as they traditionally would do. Instead, they invited both teams! So that delivery could learn what it takes to sell successfully. And (pre-)sales better understands how to market and sell Project Success.

What are your plans to make your joint teams and their co-operation fit for project success in today’s modern world?

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Guus Krabbenborg


12 October 2022

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