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Here’s why customers should stop paying for customizations!

Software customization in ERP and CRM projects has caused many major problems in the past decades.

In general, this is what customization does to organizations:
  • It maintains outdated business processes
  • It extends implementation 
  • It increases complexity
  • It enlarges your dependence on individuals
  • It makes projects unnecessarily expensive
  • and it blocks innovation
Customization has paralyzed many organizations!

So it’s time to rethink.

As a customer, you have a great interest in standardizing your business processes these days. And to stay close(r) to the standard solution.

So why not turn this around and stop paying for customization?

What if you pay your implementation partner for every Change Request they manage to prevent by solving it within standard functionality? And pay them additionally for the change management needed to implement it this way?

Acting this way, you will:
  • easier modernise your business processes
  • become more attractive to do business with
  • have cheaper, faster and less complex implementations
  • take full advantage of all available innovations
So what are your thoughts?

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Guus Krabbenborg


16 May 2023

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