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Are your customer events attractive enough to visit?

Customer events of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners are oftentimes based on one-way communication. From the visitor’s perspective this means ‘Sit down, Shut up & Listen’.

Unfortunately, your current and future customers are less and less willing to come out of their offices for these types of events. After all, just listening can be done cheaper and more effectively in an online format, right?

So if you want to entice customers to visit your on-location event, you must offer more than just listening.

A panel discussion based on provocative questions that are answered by the audience through an online tool such as a Mentimeter brings:
  • energy
  • good discussions
  • motivation
  • and many new insights
That’s exactly what we did at the recent customer event of UK based D365 BC partner Dynamics Consultants. With enthusiastic responses from their customers as a result.

Check this link to see the recording from minute 12:05.

What are you going to do to spice up your next customer event?


Guus Krabbenborg


03 August 2023

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