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Are you learning from your mistakes?

For many Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners, business is like a roller coaster. Where change is the only constant. In technology, in methodologies, in your own team, in Microsoft strategies and in the cutthroat competition to win new customers.

Projects out of your comfort zone, incorrect customer expectations, employing mediors for senior jobs, implementing new functionalities – there are all kind of reasons why projects are struggling. Or sometimes even fail….

How often do you actually take the time to reflect on your own performance? To assess in peace what goes wrong. Why it goes wrong. And what you can do with your team to make structural improvements?

D365 partners who consciously opt for structural improvements are increasingly taking part in the Project Excellence workshop of Dynamics and More.

One of the nice topics in this valuable 2-day workshop is to discuss your two most and two least successful projects of the last 24 months. And analyze what needs to change to avoid making those mistakes again.
These are ‘mistakes’ I hear often in these exercises:
  • Little or no involvement from the client’s management
  • Weak project management on both sides
  • Wrong key users or insufficient availability of key users
  • Client’s organisation not (enough) open for change
  • Users are too quick to resort to customization 
  • Our project managers are not sufficiently up to the customer
  • Unrealistically high customer expectations
We also discuss the tension between marketing and sales on the one hand and delivery and support on the other hand. Often referred to as ‘overselling versus under delivery’. We do exercises to learn from each other and improve the performance.

Check here what the agenda looks like and how your colleague D365 partners comment on this workshop.

So what do you do to learn from your mistakes?


Guus Krabbenborg


18 August 2023

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