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How do you get your digital transformation right?

Achieving success in your digital transformation projects is far from easy! And not many organisations can allow failure and then simply try again.

Still, many business owners, CEO's and C-level professionals believe that digital transformation is "just another IT project". With the budget and the responsibility in their IT department.

But in today's markets, customers have the power. And digital transformation gives you the opportunity to become a customer-centric organisation. But your current and future customers definitely need help and inspiration on their road to transformation success.

A growing number of leading Microsoftpartners from all over the world are using my newest book ‘Getting Digital Transformation right’ to educate their customers' management. To teach them the success and fail factors in the transformation part. And to inspire them to put the customer central in all they do.

Want to learn how to help your customers succeed? Check for details here.


Guus Krabbenborg


01 December 2020

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