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The time to make digital investments is now!

"We know that for our customers and partners, the next decade of economic growth will be defined by the digital investments made today.” ∼ Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corp

To me, this is a great statement and a wake-up call for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners when discussing their business plans and investment budgets for the new year 2021 and beyond!

I believe this is a great statement for you as D365 partner to add to your sales pitch! Why not start your presentations with this statement? And use it to open a business discussion with the management of your current and future customers?

Sure, postponing strategic decisions often feels good (think: low risk perception, buying time, saving cv's). But in the long run, not making the digital investments today might cost you and your customers even more.


Guus Krabbenborg


21 November 2020

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