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Inspiring presentation for Canadian Binary Stream at kick-off event

Today’s fast changing markets force Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners to adapt the way they market, sell, implement and support. And it is effective to start that process with a dose of inspiration.

Successful Canadian Dynamics 365 ISV Binary Stream invited me for an inspirational presentation at their 2021 kick-off event. 

In my session I presented a series of important topics including:
  • What are the biggest challenges for D365 VAR’s these days?
  • How can Binary Stream help making her resellers the winners of digitalization?
  • The necessity to become a true customer-centric organisation
  • Why business transformation is crucial for success – for both VAR’s and ISV’s
  • And why we all need ‘cojones’ to sometimes address the unpleasant truth ;-9
This is what CEO Lak Chahal and marketing lead Khaled Nassra said about my contribution:

“Thanks for the great presentation, Guus. Your insight into the Dynamics 365 market is very valuable to us. Everything you mentioned in your talk is pertinent to our future path and success. We will certainly be using these new insights as we continue planning our future moves. And thank you for making the presentation easy to digest and follow! We look forward to working with you more in the future.”

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Guus Krabbenborg


25 February 2021

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