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Inspiring keynote presentation for German tegos Group

Today’s fast changing markets force Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners to adapt the way they market, sell, implement and support.

Successful German D365 partner tegos Group asked me to deliver a provocative presentation at the 2021 kick-off event for their whole team, including their subsidiaries in France, UK, Belgium and The Netherlands.

In my session I’ve talked about many important topics including:
  • The necessity for tegos and her customers to become true customer-centric organisations
  • Why speed is so important these days – in developing, in selling, in implementing and in support
  • Why business transformation is the crucial part of digital transformation
  • Why empathy is more important than never before
  • Why partners must help their customer to prepare for success
  • And why all employees need ‘cojones’ to sometimes address the unpleasant truth 😉
We also discussed the right individual attitude that is needed to achieve success in this fast changing world. And, as is likely the case with any D365 partner, we’ve found some room for improvement there as well.

This is what CEO Ralf Linneman said:

“For this year's kick-off event, we were looking for something special to get our staff in the mood for a new era. We wanted to set a special highlight and found an excellent speaker in Guus Krabbenborg, who got the tegosians in the mood for this change. In order to achieve our goals, it is particularly important to focus on the customer and customer value to approach the transformation to an international platform provider for the waste- and recycling industry. Guus conveyed this excellently in his presentation and the employees were enthusiastic. We thank Guus for his inspiring and entertaining contribution to our kickoff.”

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Guus Krabbenborg


22 February 2021

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