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Content Subscription - the articles of March 2021

In these weird days without trade fairs and the possibility to visit customers, the effectiveness of your website and newsletters is more important than ever before. So how do you rate the quality, business relevance and frequency of the news items on your website? And, are you happy with the answer?

That’s exactly why a fast growing number of leading Dynamics 365 partners from all over the world have chosen to subscribe to our new Content-as-a-Service offering. Below are the titles and the intro’s of the articles we delivered in March to the fast growing group of D365 partners that participate in this valuable service.

What is the cost of using outdated business software?

All around the world, countless organizations use old, non-integrated, user-unfriendly and/or outdated software solutions to run their businesses. Unavoidably, this leads to inefficiencies in today’s fast changing world with demanding and impatient customers. If this is also relevant for your organization, then this probably is no news for you. For sure you are aware of the availability of better solutions. But for some reason, you were not ready to act yet. While you are waiting, do you have any idea what the cost is of using those outdated business software solutions?

Why digital transformation calls for more than just technology

Digital transformation is often too closely linked to just technology with less focus on technology’s ability to improve business functions. Other than the implementation of a single piece of software like ERP or CRM, digital transformation is the process of completely digitizing your business processes, your way of operating and even your mindset. Digital transformation gives your company the opportunity to reshape the organization, modernize the business processes and how your employees work together, improve your products and services and put your customers as the central focus of everything you do.

Microsoft’s Mike Morton: “We’re committed to continue the ongoing support on Dynamics NAV”

In 2016, Microsoft announced the successor of Navision or Dynamics NAV - her traditional, on-premise based ERP solution for the mid-market. After some start-up problems with branding and positioning, the company today has a super strong cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium business: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. An important question for the tens of thousands of organisations around the world that still use Dynamics NAV is what support they can expect in the near future. To give you insights in this topic, we’ve summarized a recent interview with Mike Morton, general manager for Dynamics NAV and D365 Business Central at Microsoft Corp.

Where is your ERP or CRM data safest?

Security plays an important role in the discussions around the choice between on-premise and cloud solutions. Our observation is that the on-premise flavor quite often is perceived as the more safe option. Simply because of the proximity of that data and the idea of having control. Interesting question of course is if that assumption is correct and what today’s reality looks like. Where is your ERP or CRM data safest - in your own datacenter or in the public cloud?

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Guus Krabbenborg


04 April 2021

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