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Interesting interview at the 2021 Datamex customerday

Successful Dutch Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner Datamex recently invited me to be the moderator at their virtual customer event.

Part of this role was a (11 min) interview where I talked about:
  • the success and fail factors of Digital Transformation projects
  • the need for all organizations to strive for maximum customer happiness
  • the challenges in this process of changing mindset and company culture
  • the increasing necessity to adapt organization and business processes to modern software solutions
  • and what this all means for Microsoft D365 implementation partners.
The interview is Dutch spoken. So for all non-Dutchies in my network: this is a great opportunity to work on your language skills. 😊

#microsoft #dynamics365 #digitaltransformation #projectsuccess


Guus Krabbenborg


25 April 2021

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