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Provocative transformation workshop for German NEVARIS Bausoftware

Last week I’ve delivered an inspirational business transformation workshop for the management team of successful German Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH.

The team was mostly on location (in Salzburg, close to the water) while I was presenting from my home office.

These are some of the topics we’ve discussed together:
  • Why it is necessary for NEVARIS and her customers to become true customer-centric organizations
  • What today's 3 biggest challenges for D365 partners are
  • Why projects fail and how we can prevent failure
  • Why speed of action and Time-to-Value are so important these days
  • Why we should stop implementing solutions and start onboarding customers
  • Why customizing legacy processes is a waste of development capacity and how to best avoid that
  • Why educating customer’s management is decisive for project success
This is what CEO Daniel Csillag said about the workshop:
“Guus performed a great and inspiring presentation about business transformation in our management offsite. As a CEO you not always feel comfortable, when you think you have achieved so much already in the last few years and Guus reminds you that you still need to walk a few more miles. Most likely he will do that again with us, when we walk those miles. But that’s exactly why we want and like him. Not to tell us how great we are, but to show opportunities for further development.”

I want to thank Daniel and René Fischer for having me in your event and I wish you and your team all the best with the follow-up and all the next steps in this interesting world.

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Guus Krabbenborg


14 June 2021

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