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Content Subscription - the articles of June 2021

We live in weird times. There are still not many trade fairs and it remains difficult to visit customers. This means that the effectiveness of your website and newsletters is more important than ever before.

That’s exactly why a fast growing number of leading Dynamics 365 partners from all over the world have chosen to subscribe to our Content-as-a-Service offering. Below are the titles and the first paragraphs of the articles we delivered in June.

Do you understand the dangers of joyriding with business software?

Did you ever drive before you had your license? Pretty dangerous, right? A fender-bender was the least of your worries. Driving a car without enough training is a huge risk. And can cause major damage. With a big material impact that can haunt you for years. But what about the use of business software in your organization? What is the impact when the end-users of your business software haven't had enough training to get their ERP/CRM driver’s license? An analysis.

Achieving project success – are you preparing yourself properly?

Organisations feel themselves forced these days to improve the use of information technology to take advantage of the new buying behavior and the global market opportunities. Unfortunately, the preparation for these projects is too often still focused on technology only. In the meantime, other important success factors are often ignored. Are you preparing yourself properly for project success?

Microsoft AppSource – the road to IKEA-like implementations

Using a generic ERP/CRM solution as the basis for your business information system, completed with specific functionality for your industry and organization has proven itself to be a true success formula. In today’s world however, these customizations are increasingly being replaced by add-on’s or Apps. In order to support this switch, Microsoft created AppSource - a portal where Dynamics 365 partners can showcase their add-on’s. AppSource gives both customers and the partner community a great insight in the availability of relevant standard solutions. And to benefit from ‘IKEA-like’ implementations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 named an ERP leader by Nucleus Research

Microsoft is named a leader in the 2021 edition of Nucleus Research’s annual ERP technology Value Matrix. The analyst researches the entire market for providers of ERP solutions with an open eye for new participants. All vendors are extensively measured and assessed on the aspects of functionality and usability. And then are divided into 4 categories. With her complete Dynamics 365 ERP offering, Microsoft finally had the best scores of all participating vendors and can thus be regarded for this year as the ‘leader among the leaders’.

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Guus Krabbenborg


12 July 2021

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