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Delivering a keynote presentation for Slovenian partner Business Solutions in Ljubljana

I’m honored to be a keynote speaker at the event that the successful Slovenian Microsoft Dynamics365 partner Business Solutions will organize on October 20th in Ljubljana.

This event is called ‘BS Talks’ and the overall theme is 'Your next digital steps' and the company created a strong agenda that already attracted over 150 attendees. And still counting…

The main message in my keynote is that the secret of success in digital transformation is hidden in the second word. And that full engagement of the senior management team is crucial to achieve project success. After all, without active C-level support, there's no point even starting projects like this!

While that’s not really new for you as partners, there are still many customers at executive level who believe that the software solution of their choice will automatically modernise their business processes, change the mindset of their teams and make their organisation customer-centric. As if it’s magic!  ;-0

With my presentation I want to provide them with new insights, provoke their thoughts and show them the path to success.

Here's the link to the event landing page: BS Talks.

If you are connected to Business Solutions in one way or another, I look forward to meeting you in Ljubljana!

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Guus Krabbenborg


10 October 2022

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