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Slovenian D365 customers inspired on digital transformation success

Last week I was keynote speaker at the well-organized customer event ‘BS Talks’ of the successful Slovenian Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner BUSINESS SOLUTIONS d.o.o. in beautiful Ljubljana.

The day was centered around the importance and the impact of Digital Transformation. And although Slovenia is a small country with only 2,1 million inhabitants, the event had an impressive audience of over 200 people including partners and staff.

As more often, I didn’t start my presentation with the latest technology. I strongly believe that organisations must always start their IT projects from the market side of their business. So not with the IT tools! To focus on the importance of customer centricity and customer happiness. And to create business models that add maximum value and comfort to customers.

After that, we discussed the role of modern, agile and transparent business processes. How to define them. And how to engage your best and most critical customers in this process. We concluded with the impact of all these changes on people, culture and organisation. What organisations must do and sometimes what not to do (or even stop doing) to get their elephants moving. Or even better: to get them all dancing! 😉

The overall feedback was positive and enthusiastic. Although most customers realize that these transformation projects are anything but easy. It also became very clear that Digital Transformation is not “just another IT project”. And that it makes no sense at all to start without the full support and commitment of top-management.

This is what sales team lead Matic Pirih said:

'We knew Guus from his great presentations at the international Microsoft events. So when we were putting together the speaker line-up for our customer event he immediately came to our mind. Because of his rich background, Guus understands the challenges that are involved in the process of digitalisation. Both for customers as well as for partners. He knows how to speak to the minds. And he gave everyone food for thought. His keynote presentation was a great contribution to our event. First in the preparation phase with his wise advice. And during the event as the highest rated speaker. We are looking forward to future collaborations and we highly recommend Guus to any other D365 partner.'

I want to thank Manca Pavšič and Matic Pirih for having me in their event. And I wish the whole BUSINESS SOLUTIONS team success with the follow-up of this great event.

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Guus Krabbenborg


25 October 2022

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