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Planning to make your 2023 internal kick-off a great event?

The new year is already around the corner. And with that your internal 2023 kick-off event.

So what is the leading theme for that meeting?

  • Just selling licenses or delivering project success?
  • Supporting change or re-automating legacy processes?
  • Inspiring management to do better or simply do what they ask?
  • Simply sell a lot or also watch the churn rates?

And have you already thought how to best convey that message?

  • “Guus sprinkled salt in every wound possible with his presentation at our internal 2021 kick-off event. Fortunately, with humour which makes it easier to accept the pain! It is great to get his external view.” Christoph Hammer, Marketing & Sales manager at NAVAX (Austria)
  • “It was a pleasure having Guus at our kick-off event with his deep know-how of our market, with his creative thinking, with his experience in change management, with his passion and of course with his Dutch humour.” Markus Birk, CEO at KUMAVSION (Germany)
  • “Thanks for the great presentation at our internal kick-off event, Guus! Your insight into the Dynamics 365 market is very valuable to us. Everything you mentioned is pertinent to our future path and success.” Lak Chahal, CEO at Binary Stream (Canada)
  • “Thank you Guus for your inspiring session! It was great to have you on stage at our annual Sales- and Marketing Kick-Off!” Uwe Bergmann, CEO at COSMO CONSULT Group (Germany)

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Guus Krabbenborg


06 December 2022

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