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Creating project success in the far north of Germany

Last week I’ve learned how big Germany actually is. I always had the impression that the country kind of stopped in the north at the height of Hamburg. But on my trip to Wees, close to Flensburg on the Danish boarder I discovered the beauty of ‘bundesland’ Schleswig-Holstein, it’s nice places and it’s beautiful coastline!

I went there to deliver another Project Excellence workshop to the successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC partner BoSch Data - specialized in the shipping, construction supply and earth industries.

With a mixed group of sales, project leaders, consultancy and developer roles we spend 2 great days to focus on the delivery of Project Success.

Workshop topics

Together we analysed the biggest changes in the markets, in customer relations and in customer expectations. And we discussed how the powerful Microsoft platform best contributes to the challenges that customers in these industries encounter.

Here are some of the many topics we have covered in our discussions, exercises and presentations:
  • Why customisations can be super dangerous
  • How to get human beings in the change mode
  • Why most meetings better start with all laptops closed
  • Why prospect education is paramount for success
  • What the tasks of the customers’ management are
  • What attitude it needs from both sides to create success together
It was fun to discover that software solutions contribute much less to success than we thought. And that we often forget other important factors. Or not paying enough attention to them.

Some of the learnings

Among all the learnings were some pretty nice insights, like:
  • “Re-focus our methodology on people and outcomes”
  • “We must think before we act”
  • “It’s crucial to be open for change”
  • “We must throw off old chains”
  • “Better an expensive project than a failed one”

What did BoSch Data say?

This is what CEO Andre Piruschka said after the workshop:

"Our aim to build up new approaches to our operational work and define a new project and customer support setup got the best possible preparation. After our last uncertainties were taken away, we are motivated and energised to bring this into an optimised and modified service to our customers with innovation by tradition in our way. Thank you Guus for sharing your experiences and for your interest! We will go on as agreed on last Friday."

I want to thank Andre for having me and for the possibility to discover this beautiful part of Germany. 😊 And I wish the team lots of success in putting all the new insights into practice.

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Guus Krabbenborg


14 February 2023

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