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Here’s the best Christmas gift for your customer!

Christmas 2023 is around the corner. As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, have you already decided what this years’ gift for your customers and prospects will be?

A colorful mousepad? An umbrella with your logo? Or just another bottle of wine?

Why not select a gift this time that is business relevant, useful to your customers and that they will remember later on.

Give them my Transformation book!

This book is written specific for C-level professionals.
It is easy to read and simple to understand.
It uses strong metaphors instead of the regular complex 3-letter words.
And is available in 6 languages.

This book is all about:
  • your customer’s organisation 
  • the desired mindset and attitude
  • the desired behavior, especially from top-management 😊
  • and the conditions to achieve the desired project outcomes
You are free to create your own book version. With the cover in your house style. With your own title. And with your own preface. Or one per vertical market.
How to best use the book?
So this book is a great and super relevant Christmas present.
But you can also use this book to educate and inspire your own team.
Use it on your website to create new leads.
Or as a great ‘give-away’ for your next customer event.
Your investment
Your investment in the unlimited publication rights for this attractive book is only Euro 2.000,00.

To be clear - that is the price for your own use. So not for your possible resellers.
Additional languages cost Euro 500,00 per language.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
How to order?
You can order the full blown publication rights for this (e-)book by sending me an email that states that you’re okay with the conditions as described in this email.

Please ad your complete invoice address, your VAT number and your PO number (if applicable).

You will receive all content in Word format plus the pictures within 48 hours.
Check for a sneak preview
Join the best partners
Some of the leading D365 partners from all over the world have created their own version of this book. They have already started educating the management teams of their customers and creating additional leads for new projects.

Questions? Interested? Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Guus Krabbenborg


18 October 2023

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