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Third ERP Masterclass for WSB Solutions’ prospects and customers

Selling software and services to meet sales targets? Or focusing on making customers more successful? That question is relevant for the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner channel.

Dutch Dynamics 365 partner WSB Solutions is an outspoken fan of the last approach. The company is focused on and committed to help their customers to be successful in their businesses.

Like any D365 partner, WSB understands the risks associated with the introduction of a new system. They observed that many customers are unexperienced in software implementations. That’s why they invest to help their customers prepare properly. With long-term satisfaction as a result.

What does that look like in practice? Last week, WSB invited me to deliver another edition of my ‘ERP Masterclass’ to a group of 21 current and potential customers in their office in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Their third session within 12 months.

The Masterclass topics

This is a workshop specifically intended for business owners and senior managers filled with aspects focused on achieving project success, like:
  • How do we become a truly customer-centric organisation?
  • How do we get the organisation in the change mode?
  • How do we improve internal cooperation?
  • How do we motivate the team to come up with their best ideas?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities for our management?
  • How can we avoid the biggest project pitfalls?
  • And what does a successful project look like?
Together we collected new insights, had fierce discussions, did a couple of valuable exercises and luckily also had some fun together. 😊 All attendees went home with a large bag full of inspiration, examples, new insights, ideas, warnings, handy formats and lots of energy.

The feedback

This is what commercial director Eddy van de Lagemaat said after the Masterclass:

"In today’s constantly changing digital world, many companies struggle to find the right approach for their digital transformation. Although the need for change is usually clear, the risks and costs of a failed project are often underestimated. Guus' Masterclass is really great for these organizations. He uses sharp examples and the right dose of humor to guide our customers through the foreseeable bottlenecks and concrete, practical solutions. With his experience, expertise and enthusiasm, Guus knows how to captivate the participants from start to finish and motivate them for a successful project."

WSB Solutions is already planning for their next Masterclass edition in early 2024.

What will you do to prepare your customers for project success?

Are you interested in organizing a Masterclass for your current and future customers? Check this page for more detail. And let’s set up a call to discuss the goals and the practical details.

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Guus Krabbenborg


16 October 2023

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