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How do you ensure successful projects in 2024?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner channel is flourishing! All partners are growing and some are fully booked many months in advance.

In all that busyness, there is understandably little time and attention left for reflection. And that's quite a shame because in these hectic times, reflection helps to keep you and your team on the right track.

One of the exciting parts of my successful Project Excellence workshop is an analysis of the best and least project of the past 12 months. We discuss these cases in detail. And analyze the reasons for success and failure. We also determine which buttons you as a partner can turn to further increase the chance of success.

The results are often very illuminating:

  • new impulses for adjusting your implementation methodology
  • making your quotations and project plans differently
  • and further improving your team attitude and company culture. 😊

Check the detailed agenda here and read what fellow D365 partners say about this workshop.

Interested in organizing a Project Excellence workshop for your team? Then let’s set up a call to discuss your challenges and goals shortly.

→ What are you doing to ensure your projects are successful in 2024 and beyond?


Guus Krabbenborg


28 November 2023

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