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Looking for Project Success? Be careful with customisation!

Last week I delivered a mini-Masterclass for the successful Dutch network organization Contakt Consulting. This company works with a flexible network of 700 IT professionals to deliver high-quality projects in a number of industries. And has nice programs to train and inspire that network.

The title of my Masterclass was ‘STOP implementing! START delivering project success!

 With a group of around 20 people, we discussed the differences between the implementation of a software solution and the delivery of Project Success. And together we determined that involving the customer’s management is crucial for achieving success.

We also concluded that the correct approach to customization is an important factor in achieving project success.

Customisation and peeing

In this Masterclass, I claimed that customization is comparable to peeing in your pants. Yep - a bit of a weird metaphor of course. 😊

So what is the logic behind this metaphor?

  • Peeing in your pants is warm and comfortable in the beginning
  • after a short time it gets cold
  • it starts to smell
  • everyone can see that you have wet your pants 

In other words: customisation is enjoyable in the short term, but can be disastrous in the medium to long term!

We discussed what both implementation partner and customer management must do and leave to minimize customization. Or even prevent it altogether.

The attendees liked the session because of the provocation, the strong discussions and the concrete learning points. And luckily we also had a bit of fun together. :)

This is what Business Partner Ruud Wijnants said after the Masterclass:

“We asked Guus to give a presentation to our network of independent professionals of project managers and consultants. And what a great evening it was! His passion, energy, enthusiasm but especially his practical examples appealed to everyone. The tips & tricks flew around our ears. Not everything was taken for granted, so that there were also some tough discussions. But in the end, the value for the network and especially for our customers and relations remained proudly intact. We will certainly give this a follow-up.”

So what can you do?

What do you do to inspire yourself and your customers to prevent (over-)customisation and achieve (more) Project Success? As an implementation partner, you do well to attend my successful Project Excellence workshop with your complete team.

And to advise your prospects and customers to check

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Guus Krabbenborg


10 June 2024

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