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Inspiring the network members of Contakt Consulting

This week I will deliver a so called mini-Masterclass for the successful Dutch network organization Contakt Consulting. This company works with a flexible network of no fewer than 700 IT professionals to deliver high-quality projects in a number of carefully selected industries. Their expertise ranges from architects to digitalization strategists and from project managers to change managers.

One of their strategic activities is to continuously train, inform and inspire the professionals in their network. It’s called ‘the Contakt table’.

My session is titled ‘STOP implementing! START delivering project success!

In this masterclass we will discuss that today’s IT projects are increasingly less IT projects. Despite all the current excitement for AI! But more and more strategic change projects. And that it is essential to involve the top-management of the customer organisation.

Due to the technical background of most network members, the focus is on:

  • how to effectively communicate with C-level?
  • what is important for their functioning?
  • what do they respond to? how do you gain their trust?
  • and what are effective and inspiring ways to activate them?

It will definitely be a session with inspiration and provocation, strong discussions, lots of learning and very probable also with a bit of fun. 😊

What do you do to continuously inspire your team and yourself?

Check here to be inspired about inspiring topics:


Guus Krabbenborg


27 May 2024

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