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Creating more success in Seyfor’s projects

Last week I delivered another edition of my valuable Project Excellence workshop. This time in beautiful Prague to the successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner Seyfor.

The company noticed that not just technology is changing rapidly, but also the preferences of their customers. And the customers of their customers. And that it is crucial for long-term success to properly understand these changes and respond appropriately.

Where is your focus?

Achieving project success in this hectic world is far from easy. But it is also clear that a focus on functions & features only is not enough. Not even at all! So Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners do well to pay (more) attention to their company culture, their team attitude and the overall focus.

Is your focus on the software solution or on the customer and the desired project outcomes?

What did we do?

Together we collected new insights, learned a series of non-traditional approaches and did some valuable exercises. Including my favorite exercise: ‘What would you do if you were the boss for one day? A clear invitation to every team member to express their best improvement suggestion. This exercise gives them a great platform to promote that idea. 😊

What did the Seyfor team say?

According to the team, these are some of the best learnings from this workshop:

  • “The customer is the new boss (but oftentimes still a junior in ERP projects)”
  • “We need to become friends with the implementation team”
  • “Stop delivering products - Start delivering project success”
  • “We all need to ask better, pointed questions”
  • “We must be careful with customisations since it’s like peeing in your pants”
  • “Customer education is crucial for project success” 

I want to thank Seyfor for having me and I wish the team success in putting all we’ve learned into practice.

 Thanks to the great involvement of all participants, we got the entire team jumping on day 2! At the end of day 2 we managed to get the whole team jumping in front of the camera. 😊

What are you going to do to get your team moving towards (more) project success? Check the agenda of this valuable workshop.

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Guus Krabbenborg


29 April 2024

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