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Satya Nadella’s advice to survive the crisis: response, recover and re-imagine

Here's a very interesting interview with Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella to read or listen to:

Satya talks about three phases to get out of this current crisis:

1) Response
2) Recover 
3) Re-imagine

Are you already preparing yourself, your team and your company for this important re-imagine phase? Since that phase might define the future of your company. Few questions that you might ask yourself:
  • What changes and improvements can I considering for my own development, marketing, sales, delivery and support processes?
  • Do I want to stay a 'Digital' vendor or do I want to grow into the more attractive position of a 'Digital Transformation' vendor?
  • And how am I going to inspire the management of my current and future customers to re-imagine their companies, processes, internal mindsets and business results?
Food for thought for many D365 partners!


Guus Krabbenborg


28 May 2020

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