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Implementation is open heart surgery. Are your customers prepared?

"Would you choose the hospital around the corner for your own open heart surgery? It is conveniently close! And would you go for the provider with the lowest price? Of course, a polyclinical intervention saves you the cost of staying the night! And then you probably wouldn’t mind if your surgeon is an assistant in training, right?

An ERP or CRM implementation can be compared well with open heart surgery. After all, your favourite new software solution will be the new heart of your company. It will acquire a central position in your organization; like a spider in her web. And just like a heart does in a human body, the system will pump crucial matter through the organization: accurate and up-to-date data.”

This is the introduction part of a content piece that we’ve recently delivered to a group of Dynamics 365 partners in 12 different countries as part of our Content-as-a-Service offering.

All these partners understand the urgent need for well written, attractive and business-relevant content on their website and in their newsletters to gain the interest of their target groups in today’s highly competitive markets.

These articles are available on a subscription basis in two categories: Microsoft and Dynamics 365 on the one hand and Project Success on the other hand.

Those partners pay as less as Euro 37,50 (exclusive of VAT) per article. And they receive up to 48 articles per year. So this is a very affordable offering! Check here for details and content examples: Improve your website - Dynamics and more

How well written, attractive and business-relevant is the current content on your website?

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Guus Krabbenborg


29 September 2021

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